Ashi Web Image Set Generator
Generate Optimized Images for the Web

Drag/Drop or select images for which you want to create optimized images.

For best results input an image that has more than 3 times the width/height (resolution) that you need the output to be.
e.g. if you need the output image with a width of 80 pixels, then pass in an image with a width of at least 240 pixeles.

The output will contain multiple images in resolutions needed by different high resolution screens.
A helper html file with an img tag will also be included for ease of use.

To minimize download size, web sites need to provide the most optimized images in the exact resolution needed be the divice accessing it.

Newer devices and high resolution mopnitors need images in higher resolutions.

Modern browsers can also support the .webp images which has a better compression than .jpg

This tool will generate images in all needed resolutions and formats for a given source image. It will also provide an <img> tag properly set to display the image, so you can use it in your html.

Drag/Drop images here or click to select images


If the Width or the Height is set to 0 (zero), the image will maintain its aspect ratio when resizing.
One of Width or Height must have a value greater than zero.

Width of output image. Can be set to zero if a non zero Height is provided.

Height of output image. Can be set to zero if a non zero Width is provided.

Full or relative URL to your images folder. Optional.

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